Board of Forestry

The Board of Forestry met on Friday, May 18, 2012 in the Talladega Room, Main Exhibition Hall at the Richmond Raceway Complex, Richmond, Virginia.

Convene Meeting

The formal Board meeting began at 10:00 a.m. on May 18, 2012. Those present were: Anne Beals, David Blount, Phillip Bradshaw, Hillary Little, J. Kenneth Morgan, S. Lee Spradlin, Floyd H. Miles, Sr., Carl E. Garrison, and Sandra Stephens with the Department of Forestry.

The Board expressed their gratitude to Virginia Forest Products Association for allowing them to use the Talladega Room at the Complex.

Call to Order

Chairman Blount called the meeting to order.

Ms. Stephens called roll.

Adoption of Agenda

Chairman Blount asked if there were any changes to the agenda. Chairman Blount added under “New Business” a discussion about a letter from the BOF to the State Forester with future recommendations.

Recognition of Guests and Visitors

Chairman Blount welcomed Travis Hill, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry; Andrew Smith, Farm Bureau; Cliff Somerville, retiring member of the Reforestation Board.

Hearing of Citizens


Approval of Minutes

Chairman Blount asked if there were any changes to the January 12, 2012 minutes. There was a word change made in second paragraph under Payments to Counties on Page 2 and a capitalization of Virginia on Page 3. Mr. Bradshaw motioned to approve the minutes with the two corrections. Mr. Morgan seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Action Items

Technical Standards for Classification of Real Estate Devoted to Forest Use (4VAC-10-20-20) Review/Discussion Virginia Administrative Code

1. Tree. In regards to recommendations made from last meeting, Mr. Garrison stated the table is still relevant for land use situations. He stated that the definition was copied directly from the Society of American Foresters website. Ms. Beals stated that the word “wood” should be “woody”. That change will be made. After discussion from Board members in regards to the word “industrial” being in the definition, it was decided to remove the word “industrial” from the definition.
2. Stocking. The word “Normal” needs to be inserted so that it reads “Normal stocking is the number of trees…”
As well in Table 1, after 40% add the word “Normal” Stocking for Classification as Forest Land.

The Board asked Mr. Garrison to look into the minimum requirement of 20 acres to qualify for forestry use to be lowered to 10 acres.

No motion was needed as this will proceed through the APA process for public comment and Mr. Garrison will investigate changes to minimum acreage requirements.

State Forester’s Report

Mr. Garrison announced that John Carroll had retired and that DOF had good applicants to apply.

The Board adjourned and attended the unveiling of the new Virginia Grown logo.

Mr. John Carroll, retired Deputy State Forester, spoke at the ceremony and thanked everyone that had a part in producing this logo. Mr. Travis Hill, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry gave a wonderful speech expressing appreciation. Mr. Charles Green, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services also spoke.

Upon reconvening the Board meeting, Mr. Cliff Somerville was recognized as an out-going member of the RT Board. Mr. Garrison presented him with a plaque. Mr. Somerville had been a RT Board Member for eight years. Mr. Dean Cumbia was also very appreciative of Mr. Somerville’s involvement on the RT Board.

2011 BMP Audit was presented by Mr. Matt Poirot. Audits are done annually and are based on the protocol that was developed by the Southern Group of State Foresters. Results of the audit were included in each Board member’s packet. 240 tracts are audited each year - 60 per quarter. Matt’s goal is to have no sediment hitting streams.

DOF Reorganization - Mr. Garrison explained why this needed to be done. He explained that DOF now has 33 or 34 counties that don’t have any personnel in them, thus DOF has gone to an Area Management Concept with mobile technology that includes a laptop and each field person will have smart phones that will be able to collect GPS sites. Each area will have approximately 3 to 5 counties with 4 to 8 personnel per area working together. Mr. Blount recommended that each County Administrator be notified of who the “leader” is for their area. Mr. Bradshaw stated Mr. Garrison should contact with Mr. Jim Campbell, Executive Director of Virginia Association of Counties and include an article in their newsletter. This reorganization will take place on July 1, 2012.

New Board of Forestry – Mr. Travis Hill, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, spoke to the Board on how the new Board will work. There will be 13 members consisting of different geographic areas. Current Board of Forestry structure will end June 30, 2012. He emphasized that if current Board members would like to continue to be on the Board, they need to submit an application as soon as possible. Mr. Garrison will send out a memo to both Board members (Board of Forestry and Reforestation of Timberlands Board) reminding them to apply if they are interested in staying on the new Board of Forestry. Chairman Blount stated he supports the new Board; we do need representation from urban areas.

Committee/Liaison Reports

Mr. Bradshaw attended a “Reality Check Conference” in Hampton Roads. It focused on protecting open land/not to develop it.

Old Business

Education of Citizenry

Mr. Morgan stated that we need to be robust in getting the new Virginia Grown logo out in the public eye, such as on mud flaps of tractor trailers. Marketing is a valuable tool. Mr. Miles stated that in his area children of deceased landowners are selling their timber as soon as they can get crews to cut it. Mr. Morgan brought up that we need to educate our youth. Mandate hardwood reforestation suggestion?/recommendation? By who?. Mr. Garrison will have DOF staff put together a document that shows what efforts are currently being made across the agency for public education and outreach so that Board members can see those efforts and be able to see where there are gaps and make recommendations to the agency for filling those gaps. The Board members were in favor of such document.

New Business

Chairman Blount will write a letter/report explaining where this Board left off to help continuity with the new Board of Forestry. The new Board needs to know what the mission is of DOF. Mr. Bradshaw agreed and suggested that there be an organizational meeting once new Board Members are appointed. Mr. Spradlin stated there needs to be unbiased recommendations to forest landowners that the Department of Forestry provides. If Board members have specific items they want included in the letter, they can email them to Chairman Blount.

Scheduling of Next Meetings

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the third week in October 2012 in Charlottesville.


There being no further business, Chairman Blount accepted a motion from Mr. Little that the meeting be adjourned. Ms. Beals seconded the motion. The meeting was officially adjourned at 1:35 pm.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                        Sandra K. Stephens
                                                                        Recording Secretary

Cc:  Board Members
The Honorable Todd Haymore, Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry
Dr. Paul Winistorfer, Dean, College of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech
Mr. J. R. Bush, Virginia Forest Products Association
Mr. Paul Howe, Virginia Forestry Association
Mr. David E. Anderton, Jr., Association of Consulting Foresters
Ms. Tammi Belinsky, WildWood
Mr. Steve Brooks, Virginia Forest Watch
Mr. Jim Mooney, Virginia Loggers Association
Mr. Gerald Gray, Virginia Forest Watch
Ms. Donna Pugh-Johnson, Virginia Agribusiness Council
Ms. Martha Moore, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation
Mr. Roger Sherman, MeadWestvaco Corporation
Ms. Staci Henshaw, Auditor of Public Accounts
Mr. Andrew Smith, Virginia Farm Bureau
Mr. Jason Woodfin, Virginia Forest Watch
Mr. Bud Watson, Virginia Forest Watch
Mr. Kurt Christensen
Mr. Charles F. Finley, Jr.
NOTE: Tapes of Board Meetings are on file in the Office of the State Forester.